New Release!!! [ROM][WWE]O2 Xda Zinc

This is the newest build Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional for O2 Xda Zinc device that i ported by myself. This release is flat version of ROM without any 3rd party application. Why put something on the device that we can install or choose which and what is the best for individual?

System Information:
Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional, Windows CE 5.2 Kernel
Build 21054 A.K.U. 1.6.7
RAM: 51.08 MB, Free 29.35 MB
ROM: 47.42 MB, Free 43.84 MB


9 Responses to “New Release!!! [ROM][WWE]O2 Xda Zinc”

  1. Abdul Razzaq Says:

    o2 is nice mobile

  2. mas bisa ngasih info link radio punya o2 zinc ?

    • you can’t get the radio separately, it’s different than HTC-based device.
      in order to get the standalone radio you must dump the official rom.
      then pick the files & modules one-by-one from OEM folder.

  3. mz,can’t u help me for step by step to upgrade my o2 zinc,thanxs..

  4. Mas, klo untuk unlock Radio Zinc ada filenya g ??? Dan klo di system informations”nya g ada IMEI nya ( “?????” semua ) tuh harus diapain mas… Kasih tau ke e-mail qu jha yah ( )

    Makasih sebelumnya mas,…

  5. Mas file nya bisa di download dimana? ? kasih link nya donk. thanks.

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