ARP Poisoning

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is a method to generates an IP (Internet Protocol) address from one or multiple hosts. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) shows that every single packet in this type of communication protocol must contains MAC (Media Access Control) address from sender and also receiver. This kind of information is stored in the header. It means that packets, e-mail for example, cannot be send or we will get a transmission errors if it doesn’t contains a MAC address in their header. Well of course you cannot send package without the recipient address right?

ARP works by broadcasting inside particular network and after it gets the information, ARP stores it inside a cache. This term cache means volatile. One day, there is a confidential e-mail that you only want someone can read it. This packet also include with a single unique IP and MAC address which are for the IP and AE:19:D2:33:4B:FC for MAC. Now, what will happen if your ARP cache has been poisoned before it? The actual recipient that you want to be able to read is only a person who got an IP Not!! Sorry to say that your e-mail is not confidential anymore.

How can it be?? It is positively confidential e-mail!! Simple. This is because your ARP cache is being poisoned and someone clone their MAC address (yes, it is possible) into AE:19:D2:33:4B:FC and so be recognized as a true recipient of your e-mail.


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