Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)

IPSec is one of several protocol that can be used for encrypt and authorize the data stream. IPSec can be implemented on a tunnel operation mode for Virtual Private Networks.

IPSec operates at the Internet Layer. This makes IPSec is also can be used for protecting all the higher level internet security protocols, for example SSL, TLS, and SSH that operates on a higher level of the Internet Protocol Suite.


In a matter of compatibility, IPSec is currently supported by many Operating System on the market. For example on Microsoft Windows platform there are three modes of IPSec: Client, Server, and Secure Server. These three modes have different methods and implementation in case of request and or respond from server to the clients, but in general they all used an identical encryption. The encryption are Data Encryption Standard (DES) and 3DES with MD5 or SHA1 integrity checking. Furthermore, every users can also applied a different methods of authentication other than Kerberos which is the default authentication for Microsoft Windows, for example a valid Digital Certificates.


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